We help people buy insurance to protect their Families Businesses & Estates

We help people buy insurance to protect their Families Businesses & Estates

We help people buy insurance to protect their Families Businesses & EstatesWe help people buy insurance to protect their Families Businesses & EstatesWe help people buy insurance to protect their Families Businesses & Estates

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Brad Elman, CLU, ChSNC, is a trusted resource to the mainstream media, the insurance profession, and his clients.  Below are some of the articles Brad has written or in which he has been featured. Contact us to find out why reporters and insurance educators value our opinions on what is happening in the insurance and consumer finance space. We are proud to have been featured in Kiplinger Magazine and MorningstarAdvisor.com, quoted in the Wall Street Journal and CNET, and been seen or heard on NBC, CBS, or NPR to name a few of the numerous media outlets. Below is a partial list of third party published articles and TV and Radio appearances.




  • September 2017 Producers eSource: Technology Tips
  • April 18, 2017 MDRT Blog- Audit your schedule and focus on what you love 
  • January, 2017 MDRT Blog- How to win with clients



  • I put my"pen" down for the year...


  • July 1, ‘14Advisor Today: How to Be a Media Rock Star (Featured in article with Phil Harriman)
  • March 1, ‘14 Insurance Forum Magazine The Key to the Business Market (Featured in article with Guy Baker)



  • December '12 AnnuityNews.com (reprint from INN Magazine): With Or Without HSA, HDHPs Are Here To Stay
  • December '12 Insurance News Net Magazine: With Or Without HSA, HDHPs Are Here To Stay
  • November '12 LifeHealthPro.com: Executive Benefits: Beyond COLI and Split Dollar
  • October '12 NAIFA San Francisco Peninsula Advisor Meeting: Speaker: "Helping More People, Having More Fun"
  • January '12 Insurance News Net Magazine: Setting Hard-Earned Gold From Experience: Career Lessons Learned in My First 25 Years


  • September '11 Producers eSource: Brand Yourself as an Expert with Media Relations
  • August '11 NBC TV Brad Elman, CLU, Consumer Finance Guest on the Evening News 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 11pm with Market Commentary
  • June '11 Insurance News Net Magazine: Media Relations for Financial Professionals
  • June '11 Insurance News Net Magazine: Meet Your New Partner: The Importance of Buy Sell Agreements
  • May '11 Agent's Sales Journal: Key Person Life Insurance: The Best Protection for Your Business's Key Asset
  • April '11 Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education: Expert panelist in a webinar on How to Ramp Up Your DI Sales
  • April '11 Life Insurance Selling: Quoted in Where Will Our Future Producers Come From - And How Will We Train Them?
  • February '11 Insurance News Net Magazine: My Unfair Advantage
  • February '11 Insurance News Net Magazine: Quoted throughout  Cover Story: Is Estate Planning Dead?


  • December '10 NBC's Scott Budman chats with Brad Elman about the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts 
  • September, '10 Insurance News Net Magazine: Behavioral Economics, Rethinking Risk and Return
  • August ’10 Agent Sales Journal, Group Disability Insurance 
  • June '10 Insurance News Net Magazine: Lead quote in Cover Story Best Sales Practices
  • May '10 Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education: Authored Disability Insurance Awareness Month Article/Blog Post
  • April '10 Cover Story in Advisor Today: Lead quote  Selling to Different Generations
  • April '10 Agent Sales Journal: Authored What Your Clients Dont Know About Being Disabled
  • January '10 Insurance News Net Magazine: Authored Feeding Lanes The Key to Efficiency (Find out what Trout and Successful Businesses Have in Common.)
  • January '10 The Northwestern Columns: Featured in Million Dollar Round Table Sets Course For Success


  • December '09 Insurance News Net Magazine: Featured The Impact of Health Care Reform on Insurance Brokers Executive Editor Rob Billingham recognizes our approach to client care as way to stay ahead of "the changes" in 2010
  • December '09 Insurance News Net Magazine: Quoted in Trends in Financial Services for 2010
  • August '09 Insurance News Net Magazine: Authored A Financial Reps Guide to Embracing Change (This was really fun to write!)
  • August '09 Round the Table (MDRT Magazine) Authored article on Media Relations 
  • August '09 MDRT Authored Blog on Social Networking as a business tool. 
  • July '09 Insurance News Net Magazine: Featured in a piece about top sales professionals: "Do You Have 'it' Inside?"
  • July '09 Advisor Today Featured in Podcast on Media Relations available on iTunes and at Advisortoday.com
  • July '09 Summit Business Media Video Podcast on weathering the economic storm 
  • July '09 Advisor Today: Authored Top Ten Media "Do's and Don'ts"


  • Investment News: Brad chats with Darla Mercardo about Life Insurance during market turmoil. Also quoted, the VPs of some of the industry's largest insurers
  • NBC's Scott Budman chats with Brad Elman about the financial meltdown on September 15, 2008 
  • NBC Bay Area Consumer Finance Guest Expert, How much is enough for retirement? Brad Elman talks about where and how to get started. 
  • NBC affiliates across the country. NBC Bay Area Consumer Finance Guest Expert, Brad Elman talks about The Economic Stimulus Rebate: Spend it or save it?
  • NBC Bay Area Consumer Finance Guest Expert, Brad Elman talks about auto dealers offering 7 year car loans- Good for the consumer? Brad doesn’t think so. 
  • NBC Bay Area Consumer Finance Guest Expert, Brad Elman gives commentary on Credit Card Interest Rates, not falling with other consumer interest rates
  • Life Insurance Selling Magazine: Authored Funding the Special Needs Trust. As the father of a child with Special Needs, Brad appreciates the complexity and challenges required to do the appropriate planning. In this Article, Brad compares options for funding the trust. 
  • MDRT expert panel on Marketing. Elman featured Available on DVD
  • Senior Market Advisor- Quoted on Baby Boomer Retirement Issues.
  • Advisor Today: Quoted on Practice Management
  • Life Insurance Selling Magazine: Elman featured in Cover Story "Eight for '08"  features Eight Top Insurance Agents 


  • NBC multiple appearances
  • AdvisorMax: Quoted on Practice Management
  • The San Jose Mercury News: Elman Featured in "On the Move Section"
  • Bay Area Parent: Quoted in Special Siblings Article on Special Needs


  • NBC multiple appearances
  • CalBroker: Quoted on Insurance Trends in
  • Advisor Today: Quoted on New Year's Resolutions
  • National Underwriter: Wrote Article on Practice Management
  • Advisor Today: A Planner By Any Other Name


  • NBC multiple appearances
  • Financial Planning Magazine: Quoted in Practice Management Tips


  • NBC multiple appearances
  • National Underwriter: Authored an Article on Behavioral Economics
  • Advisor Today: Authored an Article on Brand Identity in Financial Services
  • FinancialPlanning.com Quoted on Practice Management


  • NBC multiple appearances
  • Cal Monthly
  • Local Resident Insurance Leader in the Los Altos Town Crier
  • Portals Magazine: Quoted on technology in an insurance practice
  • The Northwestern Columns: Featured- Elman Follows Father's Footsteps With Richter Award
  • The Northwestern Columns: Featured- How To Get A Seat At The Million Dollar Round Table
  • Life Insurance Selling: Authored- Learning to Value Everyday Luxuries


  • NBC multiple appearances
  • FinanceCanada.com Quoted in "Are New Years Resolutions a Good Idea?"
  • San Jose Mercury Article: Quoted on 529 Plans
  • The Northwestern Column: Elman featured in Leveraging Media Coverage
  • National Underwriter: Salute to MDRT


  • NBC multiple appearances
  • Dow Jones Publication Library Quoted on emotions in investing
  • Wall Street Journal Quoted on "sell discipline"
  • Dow Jones Publication Library Quoted on "sell discipline"
  • Orbitz.com Travel Tips Quoted on Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Orbitz.com Travel Watch- Quoted onHow to Budget for a Trip
  • Featured in Kiplinger Magazine: "Brad Elman, A Life Insurance Agent You Can Love" -PR Nirvana!
  • Round The Table Magazine: Authored "The Value of Volunteering"
  • MorningstarAdvisor.com: Featured "Life Insurance for Stock Option Millionaires"
  • University Expert for Quote.com
  • Life Times: Featured Speaker- Elman Keynote TN State Convention
  • The Northwestern Columns: Quoted in Group DI Opens Doors
  • Life Lines: Brad Elman Quoted in


  • KNTV/WB multiple appearances
  • CNET: Quoted in Market Turmoil Tarnishes Luster of Stock Options
  • The Write Edge: Featured on Lengthening the Retention Span with Benefits
  • Round The Table, Authored Article
  • MDRT Marketing Mom: Authored Article on Future MDRT President Jennifer Borislow, CLU


  • KNTV/WB multiple appearances
  • Round The Table: Authored Article, What Works For Me
  • Round The Table: Featured in Members Forum


  • Round The Table: Feature in Members Forum- Best Practice Management Tip
  • Life Insurance Selling: Authored- The Most Valuable Lesson of My Career
  • Life Insurance Selling: Authored-How Much is Your Time Worth?
  • Round The Table: Authored- A Summer To Remember
  • Life Insurance Selling:Authored- What Does it Take to Be Successful?


  • Life Insurance Selling: Authored- Keep In Touch With Childhood Lessons
  • Life Insurance Selling: Time Travel Through Mentoring
  • Life Insurance Selling: Letters
  • Round The Table: Authored-Practice Insights


  • Round The Table: Authored- Impressions Of A First Time Attender
  • Life Insurance Selling: Letters
  • Life Insurance Selling: Authored- Windows 95, Insurance Agents 0


  • Life Association News (Advisor Today): Authored- Now I Know What Dad Does


  • Life Insurance Selling: Authored- Disability Insurae