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Disability Insurance

It would take a lot to disable me....

I used to think this too. Then I broke my leg playing soccer. I am not a professional soccer player, so it really wasn't the leg that was the problem. It was the sleep deprivation, because every time I moved- even breathed, the shattered bones in my leg shifted and I awoke in excruciating pain. As an alternative to pain, I could have taken drugs, but being in pain was preferable to being doped up on pain medications. At the end of the day, any of three issues- sleep deprivation, pain, or pain medications, were disabling. Fortunately I was insured and could focus on my recovery without the added financial pressures that come from being unable to work.  

Let us know if this is something that concerns you. Often we can help clients combine individual and group policies through their companies to provide a lower cost, comprehensive solution.